This page lists our future plans for new features and projects for the BadPups site and community. Items may be added or removed at any time. If you have any suggestions or recommendations for where BadPups should head, let us know by contacting us.

Remember, our site is community-run, so we don’t yet have a large pool of funds. Our volunteer staff work hard to keep horny content in your feeds and on the site. Get to meet the BadPups team.

Can you help us tick off our roadmap items? Yes you can:

Feature / ProjectHighlightsEstimated date
Upload page & video updates– Make the upload page better: video upload progress bar, a fine tuned thumbnail picker, better tag & category input
– Make the video server stuff better: faster video upload, faster video playback, show video previews (before you click on a video it plays a short preview), and more!
– Make videos prettier: Fix distorted thumbnails on videos.
Partly implemented, more to come Mid 2024
Login with more social accountsRelease 1: Already setup X/Twitter and Google Logins
To come: Login with Telegram, Apple, and others (let us know what you want to use) – this is already possible!
Requirements: Needs funding to implement (dev costs)
Late 2024
More video meta info– To come: Date of upload
– Implemented: More tags and search metadata like orientation etc
Note: If people don’t include this information someone (many people) will need to go through and sort all these horny videos for you! So to help out, please fill in all the fields when uploading a video.
Early 2024
Photo Galleries– Ability to upload your photos in galleries for your profile
– Others will be able to view and enjoy your photos (sfw or nsfw)
Brand ambassadors– This is a volunteer role!
– Free merch for eager and willing ambassadors to represent the BadPups brand and engage with the community
– Various benefits (and potential sponsorship) for ambassadors to attend events, meets, and more [coming later! subject to funding available]
Can you offer something? We’d love to hear from you even before this is launched. Read more about this role or Contact us.
Mid 2024
Pornstars– Videos linked to Pornstars that are in them
– Search and browse by your fav Pornstars
Store and Merch– Only the naughtiest (and more subtle) merch and horny things you can find on the internet! Think sex gear, sex toys, and everything related to it.Mid 2024
Advanced search functions– Search with granular details like cock size, number of people, hair colour, tattoos, and other finer detailsPartly implemented, more to come mid 2024
Community section– See other members on the site (you can search in the search bar for them already)
– View a community feed of new posts, content, and members
– Other member and community related features
Note: we already have the ability to subscribe (free) to other users and creators to keep up to date and follow your favorite content!
Partly implemented, more to come Early-Mid 2024
In-person presence at events– Meet staff and ambassadors from BadPups
– Buy merch, get free stuff, and learn more about BadPups
– Exclusive opportunities at events
– Educational resources (for example safer sex panels, pup play 101 panels, etc) depending on what is needed or suitable for an event
Community sponsorship– Give back to our loving and horny community by helping sponsor events, meets, projects, causes, and other community aspects of the pup and handler world in the future.
– We can achieve this sooner depending on how fast BadPups grows
Creator payments– Start paying our top performing creators on our site. You’re welcome!
Requires: More funding. Server expenses to be fully covered first.
Pay our volunteer staff– Our hard working volunteer staff are keeping horny stuff in your feed and on our site. They deserve to be paid for all their hard work.
– Pay staff (amount depends on available funds)
BadPups events & partiesOnline or in person events
– Think workshops, pup themed meetups and games, and whatever else our community wants
– For the energetic puppies: Picture puppy playspaces organised with lots of toys, ball pits, games, and 18+ activities
– Pup and handler parties. We’ll be seeking out DJs, community figures, and more