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  • PornHub, XVideos, XHamster and more – the big porn sites help connect you with more horny pup play and pet play content. Some videos on our site are from these big platforms – you can tell by the video owner listed as ‘Partner Site Videos’ and the logos of those sites will be on the connected video player. For removals of these, you’ll need to remove your video from those platforms as they are hosting them.
  • Exclusive user uploaded content (by our members) – BadPups content creators are not site partners but provide exclusive content for your enjoyment and deserve a mention!

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  • Puppy Park (Telegram Channel): – Sundays are dedicated to posts with BadPups videos!

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BadPups is the No 1 pup play porn site, for pups by pups. We have videos for pup play, pet play, and some crossover into the furry and similar kink communities. Our videos include straight, gay, bisexual, trans and gender diverse for all to enjoy. Word has spread about BadPups, and you can find us (as well as other great sites) on the following porn site directories and review sites:

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