Got BlueSky? Grab a BadPups Exclusive Custom Username / Handle

On this page:

  1. Examples from the community
  2. Getting started
  3. Custom handles we have available
  4. How it works
  5. FAQs (is my account safe? yes)
  6. Instruction guide – how to get your custom handle
  7. Contact us (once you have your code from our guide)
  8. More info and rules for custom handles

Examples from the community

Getting started

BadPups is offering the unique opportunity to grab yourself an exclusive custom username / handle for all BlueSky users, which are only available from BadPups. It takes around 2 mins to get it all done (excluding our team changing it for you). We’re doing this as part of recognizing and valuing the members of the pup-play (and similar) communities. You are special, so here’s your way to show it.

Wait: You need a BlueSky social media account for this to work for you.

Don’t have a BlueSky account? Sign up for free at: BlueSky is very similar in look, feel, and function to Twitter/X.

Note! Terms used on this page: Be aware that we use the term ‘username’ and ‘handle’ interchangeably. BlueSky refers to ‘usernames’ as ‘handles’, but both mean the same thing.

Custom usernames / handles we have available

We’ve got the following usernames / handle formats up for grabs:

  • your username +
  • your username +
  • your username +
  • your username +
  • your username +
  • your username +
  • your username +

So if you used one, this is how it could look:

For example:
Using the handle format, you’d add your name of choice at the front.
So if your name is Rexxi then your handle would be:

Real life examples in use:

Here’s the two real life examples we pictured above: and as well as a furry / pup one:

How it works

The way this works, is many people can use a custom handle format we offer as we use subdomains to give everyone their own custom handle.

In the above example for Rexxi, if Max and Spencer also wanted to have their profiles on the same custom handle they would all have something of the following:


So everyone can use the custom handle format. Yay!


  • Is my account safe? Yes, we don’t need your account login or password. This is just to set a custom handle. You can remove it anytime, and if the custom handle ever got disconnected you’d revert back to a normal BlueSky handle.
  • What happens to my old handle? As the official BlueSky blog says: “if you change your default Bluesky username (with the suffix) to a custom domain, your old username will be available for someone else to use. However, any tags or mentions with your old handle will still point to your account.”
  • For rules, guidelines, and technical info – see the bottom of this article.

Instruction Guide – How to get your custom username / handle

TL;DR: The setup process is fairly simple, and no technical knowledge is needed. You just need to go into your account settings, copy a code for us, and then send that code to us.

Our contact details are at the bottom of this guide. Read it first, then complete the steps and contact us.

You can press on the guide below to enlarge it.

Contact us

We recommend contacting us via direct messaging to set it up and confirm it live for you. We aren’t available 24/7, so if we aren’t online when you reach out, we’ll reply to you within 24 hours.

Make sure you have the code you copied from our guide above to send to us! We need this to setup the custom handle for you.

How you can contact us:

  1. Directly on BlueSky’s new DMs! DM us:
  2. On other social media: @verybadpups on Twitter/X or @BadPupsOfficial_SupportBot on Telegram.
  3. From our contact page:

If you get stuck on any of the above steps, let us know. We can provide assistance or (if you prefer) login to your account and complete it for you. The latter is on a case-by-case basis and is subject to demand.

What’s the catch?

No catch. However since this is being provided for free, we ask that you do any 1 or more of the following:

  1. Donate to BadPups: BadPups is owned and run by the pup community. We need funds to host all the horny content you post that can’t be taken down if your account is suspended on a particular social platform. You won’t lose all your followers if you’re posting to BadPups.
  2. Upload porn videos if you create them, to our site. This is our community platform and we’d love more content. Head to
  3. Share us (@verybadpups) on social media and recommend us to others
  4. Share our free custom BlueSky handle news with other pups and members of the community. Post about it publicly!
  5. Express your gratitude for this and other things BadPups does on our socials / reply to our posts.

Technical limits:

  • Our DNS service limits us to around 1,000 accounts per custom handle. This will be updated or announced if other limitations also apply.
  • Name length is limited to 255 characters, or less, depending on if there are any other system limitations.
  • If this doesn’t mean much to you, then we’ll let you know if a handle you want isn’t available.

What’s allowed (guidelines and rules)

BadPups wants the pup community to benefit from this free custom handle offer. So our requirements are:

What we want:

  • Target audience is pups, handlers, kinksters and allies of the pup play / pet play community. If you’re unsure, you can still request a handle. We’d like many people to enjoy this free offer.

What we don’t want:

  • Handle names cannot be offensive/illegal, cannot contain non-English characters, use trademarked names, or imply or promote anything similar to the account use rules below:
  • Any account using a custom handle provided by BadPups must not post or promote any:
    • anti LGBTQ+, racist, sexist, or other majorly offensive content
    • anything illegal (obvious ones such as child pornography, rape, etc). The “what’s illegal in your or my country” situation is: what’s legal in our location (Amsterdam, Netherlands), and your country. If these two countries conflict on legality, ours will prevail as we supply the service.
    • self-harm or the harm of others (violence, suicide, terrorism, etc).
    • misleading, dangerous, malicious, spam/scam, phishing, etc content
    • and similar other rules as defined by the BlueSky platform for prohibited content and actions.
  • Accounts that break these rules will either be warned or have their handle revoked. If this happens, BlueSky will let you pick another handle without breaking your account. However your account may be suspended or reviewed by BlueSky.

You can report a user who breaks these rules by contacting us on social media or our contact page.