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WARNING: THIS PAGE AND SITE CONTAINS NSFW CONTENT (most has been censored on this page)

On this page:

About the site – BadPups

BadPups is an adults-only pornographic niche video tube website, which is run by the same community and groups that have an interest in our site.

Our site is visited daily (often several times daily) by our target and wider audience, from all around the world – so you can be sure your ads will be seen a lot. Our video content is created and uploaded by our community, and moderated before they are seen publicly – so you can ensure your brand is alongside quality and legal content.

Type of siteFree ad-supported porn video site, for users aged 18 and over
Our audience– Estimated niche target audience size: 500,000 – 1 million. This is expected to go up.^
– Estimated wider audience size (others who also like our site): ~9% of the world^
– Age: 18-65+*
– Gender: Male, Female, Other*
– Geographic: The majority of our audience is from USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Australia. The rest of our audience also includes Europe, Oceania, and Others (Russia, China, Brazil, etc)*
– Income levels: Various*
– Sexual interests: Sex toys, sex gear, adult products / services / content, sexual health*
– Non-sexual interests: Hardcore gaming, video gaming, media entertainment, tech, arts / crafts*
Niches– Fetish / kink oriented adult entertainment, specifically “Pup / Puppy Play” (more below)
– Sexually active and sexually aroused users (i.e. most people, with a large male majority)
– LGBTQ+ persons (including gay males and females, trans persons, and others)
Site stats– Growth rate: Our site is growing, on average doubling our userbase and viewership every month. Content is growing at a steady pace.
– Hours of viewing: Users from all around the world visit the site at all hours of the day and night.
– Engagement and re-visits: Users visit the site multiple times per day, often daily. We have a 90% site engagement rate. We have a 95% user approval rating^^ Creators continue to upload more videos to our site.
^Based on research and market information.
*Based on anonymized data from Google Analytics, user profile information on our site, and other sources.
^^Based on early 2024 surveys and feedback.

If you are wondering: What is pup / puppy play?

Pup play or puppy play is a often sexual interest subculture where people dress up in puppy related clothing and accessories (pictured above), alone or in groups. We will refer to this as ‘pup play’ typically on our site.

  • Why? People find it fun and can do it for sexual or non sexual reasons. Such as to act like a dog, or to explore the kinkier world of sexual play. Pup play is supported by a very friendly community, that gather in groups (known as ‘pup meets’)
  • Who? Adults of all ages, all around the world engage in pup play.
  • Benefits? There are many benefits, backed up by scientific research where people who engage in pup play report higher levels of happiness, feel freer to be themselves, release stress from other parts of life (e.g. work), and really appreciate the friendly, close-knit community that comes with it.

What pup play is NOT: No actual animals are involved in pup play. It’s a human only thing. Pup play is completely legal.

Our target audience: Is it just pup play people? (no)

While our main target audience is pup play people, it extends to other subcultures and wider audiences as listed in the earlier table under the ‘niches’ section.

Advertise with us

Why you should advertise with us

  1. Our audience likes to purchase products and services which is contained or similar to things that appear in our user generated videos (e.g. a person wants the a sex toy or accessory as shown in a video by their favorite creator – see above image as an example)
  2. Our site provides a hyper-targeted demographic for your ads (see audience information in the ‘about BadPups’ section above for who this includes) – our users are already likely interested in what you have to offer, and have stronger ‘buyer intent’ as they have already reached us from their internet browsing
  3. People visit our site daily, often multiple times a day – so you can be sure your ads will be seen plenty
  4. We partner (both now and in the future) with similar communities, sites, content creators, and services to bring more users and engagement – this benefits you as an advertiser as your ads will have more views without any extra work or cost from you
  5. We have a strong engagement and ties with our target audience (pup play community) – this increases trust in our platform and looks good for your brand
  6. We moderate all user uploaded content before it is made public. Your brand will only ever be shown beside legal adult content.

Bonus reach: Extra visibility we can offer you

Click or tap the image to enlarge

Comparison: How we compare to other advertising options

Platform / siteAdvertising conditions
Advertising on BadPups

Cost: $20-250 per month
(that’s $0.66-8.33 per day)
Explicit content and adult products and services allowed
Ads shown to a hyper-targeted, already interest audience
Minimal competition
All ads (except video player ads) cannot be closed or skipped
Upfront pricing, no hidden costs
Not limited or controlled by view count
Advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media networks

Cost: Typically $20+ per day for similar reach
– Limited, restricted or prohibited for adult products / services
– Ads and content usually must be for all ages, limiting adult product and service providers
– Large ad spend for daily views
– Competing against lots of other ads
– User engagement is short, and moves between things fast
– Ads usually can be closed or skipped.
Advertising on other adult sites

Cost: $200+
– Your brand is shown among ads of all sorts, often including ads that are spammy, dodgy, forceful (forced pop ups), and deceive users. This is common in the mainstream adult site industry
– Sometimes require funds in your account to use their ad platform
– Various advertising costs, depending on what type of brand you are
– Minimal transparency on how the ad platforms work and other factors like cost, any brand discrimination, etc.
Advertising on Google and other search engines

Cost: Typically $100 and up for 1 targeted ad (PPC)
– Large competition: Competing against lots of other ads and search results
– Users are often searching for other things so your ad might not be engaged with
– Limited, restricted or prohibited for adult products / services
– Large ad spend for ad appearance in search results
– Ads sometimes can be closed or skipped (depending where).
Information obtained from research, terms and conditions, staff experience, and other sources.

Desktop Ads

Placement options

Click or tap below option examples to enlarge.

Ad specifications

Desktop 1: Top of siteWidth: 468px
Height: 60px
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)
Desktop 2: Under videoWidth: 728px
Height: 90px
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)
Desktop 3: SidebarWidth: 300px
Height: 250px
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)
Desktop 4: Site footer areaWidth: 728px
Height: 90px
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)

Additional notes:

  • Must be less than 10MB in size (lower file size means the ad will load faster)
  • Your ad can link to anywhere you want
  • Desktop ads cannot be closed by site users

Mobile Ads

Placement options

Click or tap below option examples to enlarge.

Ad specifications

Mobile 1: Top of siteWidth: 300px
Height: 90 or 100px
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)
Mobile 2: Under videoWidth: 300px
Height: 250px
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)
Mobile 3: SidebarWidth: 300px
Height: 250px
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)
Mobile 4: Site footer areaWidth: 300px
Height: 250px
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)

Additional notes:

  • Must be less than 10MB in size (lower file size means the ad will load faster)
  • Your ad can link to anywhere you want
  • Mobile ads cannot be closed by site users

Video Player Ads

Placement options

Click or tap below option examples to enlarge.

Ad specifications

Video 1: LeftWidth: 300px
Height: 250px
Up to 10MB
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)
Video 2: RightWidth: 300px
Height: 250px
Up to 10MB
Images (PNG, JPG, WEBP, Animated GIF)
Video (fullscreen) 3: Before user video plays1920×1080
Up to 1GB
Video (MP4), max 120 seconds
Video (fullscreen) 4: Mid-way through user video1920×1080
Up to 1GB
Video (MP4), max 120 seconds

Additional notes:

  • Video image ads 1 and 2 can be closed by the user in order to play their video
  • Video fullscreen ads 3 and 4 can be skipped by the user after 5 or more seconds

Social Media Ads

You can have your ad posted on our social media channels as well.

  • Available channels: Twitter, BlueSky, Instagram (SFW ads only), Telegram, Mastodon
  • Specifications: Image or video, per platform recommended specifications. If you already post to a certain social platform, then that same design will likely be fine. If not, we’ll let you know. Please ask if you are unsure or do need specific specs.

If you’d like to view our social media presence, visit our social links page (Warning: Explicit Content).

Mailing List Ads

We do not send out marketing emails to our users at this time. We may consider doing this in the future.

Plan your ads with us

What type of ads you can have

  • Any ad as long as it’s legal and links / advertises clearly what it is (i.e. ad is not deceptive). More terms found in the ‘other things you should know’ section below
  • Ads CAN be sexually explicit in all circumstances, unless you want your ad posted to a 3rd party platform that only allows all-age content (i.e. Instagram)
  • We want ads that are for our intended site audience. We will let you know if your brand doesn’t seem to be right for us
  • Ads as per the earlier mentioned size, format, and design specifications.

Ad costs

  • If you purchase multiple ad slots/types, or for several months with us, we may offer additional spots / bonuses for you
  • In order to help smaller businesses, the lower end of the pricing provided applies to you
  • The higher the impact point of the ad (i.e. location on the site), the higher the cost
  • Image ads can be (if GIFs) any duration long for the same cost as a still image ad
  • Longer video ads will cost more
  • All pricing and payment processing is done in United States Dollars (USD)
  • We accept card payment and Bitcoin (more details in the ‘what we need from you‘ section below)

Card and Bitcoin accepted

If you are unable to meet the below costs but still want to advertise us, get in touch to see what can be arranged.

Ad TypesCost
Desktop 1: Top of site
Desktop 2: Under video
Desktop 3: Sidebar
Desktop 4: Site footer area
$150-180 USD per month
$80-120 USD per month
$40-100 USD per month
$20-80 USD per month
Mobile 1: Top of site
Mobile 2: Under video
Mobile 3: Sidebar
Mobile 4: Site footer area
$150-180 USD per month
$80-120 USD per month
$40-100 USD per month
$20-80 USD per month
Video 1: Left
Video 2: Right
Video (fullscreen) 3: Before user video plays
Video (fullscreen) 4: Mid-way through user video
$50-100 USD per month
$50-100 USD per month
$150-250 USD for pre-roll ads, per month
$150-250 USD for mid-video ads, per month
Social media: Twitter
Social media: BlueSky
Social media: Telegram
Social media: Instagram (SFW)
Social media: Mastodon
Inquire if interested, we will offer or may include it complementary if you purchase other ad slot types with us.
Discounts may be available for non-profits, contact us for details.

Ad placement availability

Check our ad slot availability calendar: [We will add a link in future. For now, please contact us]

If you have a time-sensitive ad, special event / time requirements, or other needs please contact us.

What we need from you

Use this as a checklist:

  1. What ad slot(s) you would like – you can purchase one or many
  2. How long you want your ad to show – can be for a week, month or longer
  3. Ad imagery or videos ready for use for your ad slots
    • You must provide to our ad specifications – if you cannot our designers can design an ad for you at an additional cost
    • Your ad image/videos should be uploaded to a file sharing site to send to us, as email has size limits, social media compresses images, and allows us to download the high-res file
    • Small businesses / non profits: if you need help making your ad fit the design specifications, ask as we may be able to assist for free (depending on what is needed). Our designers have access to tools to resize images to make your ad fit perfectly.
  4. Upfront payment in USD – we accept card payments (via a payment processor site) or Bitcoin (why? payment options are harder when running an adult porn site – payment processors are very restrictive or won’t work with us due to the explicit content we host, more restrictive than if you just sell sex toys for example)
  5. Official channels and person(s) for correspondence – often this is the person submitting the ad request and who works with us
  6. If you have any specific requirements or other needs – we will see what we can accommodate to help you. This is also for if you cannot meet certain ad costs, we may be able to provide a discount (i.e. non profits)

Contact us

You can contact us via our contact page, email us (advertising[at]badpups[dot]com), or DM us on social media or DM on Telegram.

Other things you should know

  • Ads are typically run from the 1st to the last day of the month, or to the next same date if you purchase or want to start an ad mid-month
  • Acceptance and the use of your ad(s) is subject to our Advertiser Terms of Use and Site Terms. In short: the ad / content / linked site must be legal in the United States and the Netherlands and we reserve the right to take down ads that are incorrect, illegal, invalid, inaccurate, deceptive, or similar
  • In the extremely unlikely event that our site experiences any downtime (in hours or days), we will provide the equivalent or greater amount of time the site was down in extra time for your ad to be up
  • If you would like to see more information about how we keep your brand safe, our site safe, and other details for advertisers, visit this page.
  • No guarantees for performance is provided. No refunds.