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  2. Support us with money
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  5. Roadmap (our plans for the community for the future)


Thank you for wanting to (or at least being curious to) support BadPups!

Help us grow our platform and fully complete our vision to make the pup play community even better – with more funding, sites, services, and exciting things just for us! We are community owned and run, so we would love all the help we can get.

There’s a range of ways you can support BadPups with and without money, and with your skills, talents, and connections:

Support us with money:

** Donations and payments will be discrete. No mention of a porn site will show on your bank records. **

Donate to usBuy a supporter membershipShop from the BadPups Store
Donating to us means:
– We can continue running our servers with minimal to no ads. Running a site with videos is really expensive! (For example, back in Jan 2024 horny people on our site used up 26TB of bandwidth – wow, that’s a lot of porn! We expect this number to at least x10 in coming months with our growth)
– We can have more money to work on more of the features and community benefits both on and off of the BadPups platform as listed on our Roadmap (including helping fund more pup events and causes, and making the overall community better).
Buying a supporter membership:
– Is another means to support our platform and helps raise funds for everything written in the ‘donate to us’ section to the left.
– In the future, it will allow us to help pay creators for their content
– When you purchase a membership you get a star on your public profile to show your commitment!
– Supporters are given access to new features, pricing/discounts, and stuff first.
– Note: Currently, all videos are still free to watch. The membership is to support us.

Shopping from our store means:
– We can raise funds for everything written in the ‘donate to us’ section to the left.
– For other sellers from the community that sell with us from our store; they can benefit too from your purchases!
How to donate: visit to buy: visit the ‘My Plan’ tab on your Account Settings pageHow to shop: visit

Support us without money:

Share our site & socials (recommend us)Upload content to our siteEncourage content creators to use BadPups
Sharing our site and socials means:
– More people can find us for their horny pleasures
– People can discover a dedicated home for the puppy play community – finally, our own place!
– We see our platform growing and are motivated to work even harder on it.
When you upload content to our site:
– More people can enjoy more horny videos
– We grow our collection of videos and it becomes easier to find puppy play porn (as it’s all in one place)
– We continue to grow as being the best go-to site for the pup play community for porn videos.
When content creators upload to our site:
– They can get more views and grow their fanbase with a community of pups, handlers, kinksters, and allies who enjoy their content (and may want to support them too)
– They can make use of our dedicated Creator Hub, full of stats, resources, and more to help them with video ideas (e.g. what they can make that few videos exist of & what people like most), better filming, growing their fanbase, and more
– and everything listed in the ‘Upload content to our site’ section to the left.
What links to share: everything at to upload: visit should check out our site homepage and the Creator Hub for how they can grow their fanbase and for video ideas and exclusive stats & resources.

Getting involved:

People from all around the world, all backgrounds, identities, and beliefs are welcome to get involved with us. BadPups is owned and run by the puppy play community – we are made up of LGBTQ+ pup-loving people (who often are pups ourselves).

Becoming a ModelBecoming a Brand AmbassadorJoining our Volunteer Staff Team
Becoming a Model means:
– We use your photos for our marketing material. You always get credited / linked to. You always own your photos.
– You get your photos (and you in them) seen by all of our community. That’s a even bigger audience who can take an interest in you (and your content if you make any)

Being a model is great if you want to show yourself off, love attention, or just want to help us out by using your amazing body. – We welcome all body types, sizes, colors, and features. We want our models to be diverse (as you can usually see on our socials and our homepage).

How it works:
– Apply to express your interest
– We’ll ask you a set of questions for preferences in what photos you can provide us
– You’ll be added to a Telegram group to provide your photos, and info and chat with our staff as they make requests for photos (you need to have or make a free account).
– You are not paid for this role. However, we plan to pay creators and helpers in the future. You can see our future plans on our Roadmap.
Becoming a Brand Ambassador means:
– You are a star person in representing BadPups. You use the power of your personality and connections to promote a positive image of BadPups
– You help share our vision of wanting to make things better for the pup play community (how we want to help and want to provide a place for pups and handlers, and want to help fund events and projects for the community in the future as well)
– You help others discover, find, upload, and get involved with BadPups
– You promote BadPups and your content (if any) alongside it
– Help test stuff, give feedback, work with us to make our platform better. Be actively engaged with us and the community.
– You are not paid for this role. However, we plan to pay creators and helpers in the future. You can see our future plans on our Roadmap.

We want to provide our Brand Ambassadors with some horny and comfy merch and gear to give you that extra boost and look great while doing so~ (remember, we are community run so there is not an excess of funds just to get yourself new sex gear from this)
Joining our Volunteer Staff Team means:
– You are a key person in who keeps BadPups alive and running
– You use your skills, talents, knowledge, and your connections to achieve what you need to
– and most aspects relating to promoting BadPups (talking about us positively and encouraging others to check us out, and helping where needed) in the ‘Becoming a Brand Ambassador’ section to the left.
– You are not paid for this role. However, we plan to pay creators and helpers in the future. You can see our future plans on our Roadmap.

Things you could do:
– Help us raise funds
– Help us grow (marketing / social media management / content management / etc)
– Help us maintain our platform (content / user moderation, development, security, etc)
– Brainstorm, plan, and/or implement ideas and solutions for our platform
– and plenty more!

More reading:
Learn what roles are available and what it’s like working with us
– Get to know who: Works for BadPups
To become a model: you just need to express your interest and provide us with existing or new photos (as requested) that are allowed for marketing use (i.e. not copyrighted by other photographers). Express your interest by contacting us or DM us on our socials.To become a Brand Ambassador: you just need to express your interest and let us know your availability and what you can commit to and help us with. Reach out to us by contacting us or DM us on our socials.To join our staff team: visit our available roles page

Roadmap: Our goals and plans to help the community

If you’d like to learn more about what we are doing (and what we’d like to do) for the puppy play and wider community, you can get a good idea of what we are striving for on our Roadmap.