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Tips & Resources

How you can grow + find the best ways to fill in what others have not:

  • Use our ‘Most Wanted Content’ – Direct community feedback so you know what BadPups viewers want
  • Search our Video Categories & Tags – Find labels with few videos and go make and upload some. You’ll be ranking in top results and get more views fast
  • Read our guides on how you can improve your videos – tips, apps, strategies, and more
  • Shop for toys & gear – Use new things in your videos to spice things up and give your viewers more variety to enjoy

Links to the above mentioned items are below:

Video Upload Guidelines

When you upload videos to BadPups, if you want them to be approved, they need to follow these guidelines:

Secrets of our moderators: If you want your video to be featured on the homepage highlights gallery (top of homepage), your video needs to be filmed in HD or better, have good lighting, and a tempting thumbnail. Additional points go to highly in-demand content/kinks, and longer video lengths (while still being full of action) -you could bump another video off this gallery and earn your place. There are limited spots, so your video may appear there later, if you are eligible.

Remember: Videos under 2 minutes long will not be approved.

How to grow your followers and video views

Make sure to check off each of the following to maximize your chances for success:

Checklist itemAction(s) to take
#1Add your public BadPups Profile Page to your bio / link sites (i.e. LinkTree / LinkInBio / All My Links) so your followers can find you on BadPups
>> Press here to visit your profile page – then copy the URL for your profile
#2Let your followers know you are now on BadPups and to check you out there! Give us a shoutout – we’ll happily re-share your post.
>> Links to our socials (@verybadpups)
#3Upload videos to our site often. The more you upload, the more there is for your followers and potential new fans to discover.
>> Every time you upload, your video gets linked to on our socials so everyone who follows us can watch your video (most other sites don’t do this for you!)
#4 – BonusYou can make yourself even more visible by getting in touch with us to be a model.
– Models send us existing or custom pose photos for use in our marketing. We credit and link back to you, and you could end up on our homepage and our socials! (its happened many times)
– Models are not yet paid, but we plan to in the future.
>> Want to learn more about being a model? Check out our Getting Involved page and look for the ‘Models’ section.

Creator FAQs:

  • Who owns the content I upload? Answer: You own the content you upload, and always will. If we share your content or post it somewhere, it will include a link or credit to you / your profile / your accounts. In the rare case someone else has uploaded your content to our site, let us know and we’ll take it down. You can report any video on the video’s page, or you can contact us.
  • What’s the process for uploading videos with other creators in them? Answer: If your video features other content creators, friends, or anyone else – make sure all people involved:
    • Have given their consent before uploading the video (they are ok with the video being published online and shared – for example, they may want only scenes with pup hoods on or may be ok to show their face). If anyone contacts us about your video, we may request proof of consent or speak to the people involved in the video. If anyone featured in the video objects to its publication, it will be removed
    • Are legally considered adults – at a minimum, we expect this age to be 18 years or over
    • Have let you know if they want to be tagged or not – you can tag other people by adding their names in the ‘pornstars’ field at the time of video upload. If they have a profile on BadPups, write their profile name in this section.
  • Do creators get paid for their uploads? Answer: We are a community run site and do not currently have excess funds, so creators won’t be paid for now. As we grow and get bigger, we would like to offer this, but first all expenses must be covered to keep the site running. You can help us in the meantime by donating to us, purchasing a premium subscription under your account settings page (all videos are still free to access), or shopping from the BadPups Store.

How BadPups helps you

We help you by:

  1. Sharing your videos to get you more followers
  2. Working with our partners to link to your profile pages and content
  3. Re-sharing the content you post on social media
  4. Providing tips and guides to help you grow your fan base and potential income. Check them out:
  5. Offering Free Custom BlueSky handles to give you a special presence – for BlueSky users
  6. We provide helpful resources, links, and info such as:

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