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TL;DR: BadPups is the No 1, free puppy play porn site – owned and run by the pup community. All inclusive. Minimal/zero ads. No sign up needed to watch our videos. Browse or submit your videos today.

Are you new? If you are wondering: What is pup / puppy play?

If you’ve never heard of pup play, let’s get the NOs out of the way: No actual animals are involved, it’s a human only thing. Pup play is completely legal. Often those who don’t know anything about pup play can assume wrongly.

Pup play or puppy play is a often sexual interest subculture where people dress up in puppy related clothing and accessories (pictured above), alone or in groups. We will refer to this as ‘pup play’ typically on our site.

  • Why? People find it fun and can do it for sexual or non sexual reasons. Such as to act like a dog, or to explore the kinkier world of sexual play. Pup play is supported by a very friendly community, that gather in groups (known as ‘pup meets’)
  • Who? Adults of all ages, all around the world engage in pup play.
  • Benefits? There are many benefits, backed up by scientific research where people who engage in pup play report higher levels of happiness, feel freer to be themselves, release stress from other parts of life (e.g. work), and really appreciate the friendly, close-knit community that comes with it.

You can read more about Pup Play 101 on our Blog.

For everyone else:

About BadPups

BadPups is a community owned and run LGBTQ+ puppy / pup / pet play porn tube site. You can find all the hottest pups, handlers, kinksters and more getting fucked, teased, and in all sorts of naughty situations on BadPups. We serve both straight and LGBTQ+ porn videos.

BadPups is the community platform that cares

We support, encourage, and boost our members – regardless of if they are using our platform or not.

Examples and highlights of what we do:


BadPups responds to members of the overarching pup community & likeminded followers with encouraging, and supportive messages.

We aren’t just a faceless organization. We really care and want people to feel their best.


BadPups helps important resources, sexual health information, and useful sites and places be known to more people. You can find information we publish on our Community Resources and Blog page.


We respond publicly and don’t just direct people to DMs when asking how our platform runs and what content we want on our site. This transparency shows we value fairness and equality. People are treated equal.

BadPups engages with the pup community and helps people work out what is best for us and them.


BadPups welcomes people of all backgrounds, body types, identities, beliefs, sexualities, disabilities, and genders.


  • We list groups like POCPUPS (for people of color) on our Community Resources page for people to find.
  • We have an ‘audio-only’ category on our site for those who prefer or need erotic videos that are auditory focused.
  • We have videos and pornstars of all ways of life – check out our videos to see.


With no hidden catches, BadPups offers various programs for community benefit. For example, one of our recent programs offers Free Pup-Themed Custom BlueSky Handles for users of the BlueSky platform.

Our Goals

  • To provide a porn site that is welcoming to all from the pup community, regardless of background.
  • To provide a platform free of random bans, permanent suspensions and other issues that occur on many social media platforms, namely Twitter/X
  • To provide a place for pups and community members alike to centralise their videos, link their content and profiles, and keep a following regardless of the social network they use (or leave or get banned from)
  • To have minimal or no ads on our site – this is dependant on funding we receive
  • To ensure a safe, quality site – we achieve this with manual video moderations for all new videos, minimize or avoid 3rd party content, and operate where everything does what it should, without misleading popups, ads, and other content
  • Support and enhance the pup community – help others, share resources and information, and more regardless of if it benefits us or not. Our work is for the pup community, as members of that community.

Where is BadPups based?

While BadPups is global, BadPups is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The Netherlands is a welcoming country, it is LGBTQ+ friendly, and home to the Homomonument – a monument that “commemorates all LGBTI people who have been or are still being persecuted by government regimes.”[1] We believe this stands for what we are working for – a better, more positive LGBTQ+ world for all (a majority of the pup play community are LGBTQ+ people).[2]

Who runs / works for BadPups?

BadPups is currently community owned and run, and behind the scenes a ragtag small group of volunteer pups manage the infrastructure, moderation, socials, support, payments, marketing, and more. BadPups staff may or may not choose to identify themselves depending on if they feel comfortable doing so – many are introverts and like the quietness. Staff are based all around the world, and work remotely. However if you ever want to reach out to us, you can contact us on social media or via our contact page. We are responsive and engage with our community – please allow up to 24 hours for a reply.

How can I get involved with BadPups? (including advertisers)

Individuals: You can let us know what you can offer, and contact us on social media or via our contact page.

Business matters and advertisers: If you’d like to advertise or have a business / commercial partnership or business matter with us, contact us. For advertisers, visit Advertise with BadPups.

How can I support BadPups?

We appreciate you would like to support us! You can help us in ways that do and don’t involve money, as listed on our Support BadPups page.

Our Successes and Challenges

Learn more about what we’ve achieved, and what we face by launching and running the BadPups platform, on our ‘Successes and Challenges of BadPups‘ Blog post.

More FAQs (including support, accounts, payment, content, etc)

  • For all our FAQs about your account, payments, content, how features work, and more; visit our FAQ page.
  • For legal polices and information, see the links at the bottom of the site.
  • To know our safe-access, adults-only compliance and protective efforts, read our Restricted to Adults (RTA) page and the summary of our protective measures on our Advertise with BadPups page.

About the site: We are currently in beta, but the site works as it should. BadPups is owned and run by the pup & handler community. We have minimal ads on the site. Donate if you like what we do!

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Want to help? You can by 1) recommending and sharing us with friends, 2) disabling your adblocker – we have minimal ads to help cover costs, 3) donate to us.

Known Bugs: View all issues and updates on our Site Status Page. | Something not right? Let us know by DMing us on social media or use our contact us page.

Advertisements note: To help ensure BadPups can continue running, some ads are shown. Ads may be through us or through a 3rd party. Please note 3rd party ads we have less control over and may include adult ads for various sexual orientations (straight and gay, etc), and non adult-oriented ads. We also do not get paid from all ads shown to you, however they are used to allow us to display more types of porn content from our network partners. BadPups’ managed ads are typically pup-focused. If you’d like to help reduce the number of ads on our platform and support the pup community, you can donate to us or purchase a premium subscription (as a supporter – all videos are still free on our platform).

References and sources:

[1] i amsterdam, retrieved 28 December 2022, https://www.iamsterdam.com/en/whats-on/calendar/attractions-and-sights/sights/homomonument

[2] Canis Minor eBook, 2017, by Taylor Cook of pupplay.info, retrieved 28 December 2022, https://www.pupplay.info/periodic-community-survey/